The Crumbs


What do you see here? Most will say that they see an empty plate.  I see opportunity.

 If you look at the graph below it shows Amazon's E-commerce marketshare.
 What happens if you look at the graph below showing Amazon's E-commerce marketshare against other major sites combined?

Paints a bit of a different picture, doesn’t it? Brands looking to capitalize on this opportunity run into two major pitfalls, fulfillment and IT. Companies that cannot ship direct to consumer will be limited in the number of e-commerce sites they can use. Without the proper IT infrastructure,  the amount of man power needed to manage all of those channels would cost more than the profits of having them. On the other hand, the IT costs associated with all of the EDI, API, FTP, and CSV’s to connect these channels would take the average company multiple years of sales just to break even.